This puree is filled with 3 different types of ingredients which make it taste sweet and also fully loaded with vitamins. It will definitely help your baby to grow fast and even stronger.

1 Fresh Cauliflower
2 Fresh Apple
¼ teaspoon of ginger
2 teaspoon of Breastmilk ( recommended )

  1. Cut the Cauliflower by separating the edible florets from the tough, thick center stem.
  2. Remove the apple skin and chop it into smaller pieces.
  3. Peel off the ginger skin and minced it.
  4. Open the water tank lid of the Samu Giken Baby Food Processor and use the water cup to pour water into the water tank, then close the water tank lid.
  5. Gather all the Cauliflower and apple into the steam basket and put the steam basket into the grinding bottle.
  6. Close the grinding bottle with the bottle lid then install the grinding bottle in the food processor main body.
  7. Turn the rotary knob left side to start steaming for about 5 minutes.
  8. Once it’s done steaming then open the bottle lid. Use the spatula to take out the steam basket.
  9. Pour the steam food, ginger and the breast milk into the Samu Giken Baby Food Processor grinding bottle.
  10. Turn the rotary knob to the right side and hold it to blend until it becomes a thick puree.
  11. Once it’s done blending then release the knob to stop blending.
  12. You can now serve fresh Cauliflower Apple Puree to your baby! Pour extra puree into Samu Giken Baby Food Container and keep it in the fridge.


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