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Product Specifications

Model : PC68R
Voltage : 220V- 240V
Power : 1000 W
Capacity : 6 Liters
Warranty : 2 years
Work Pressure: 0-70kPa
Pressure Limit: 90kPa
Keep Warm: 60~80°C

Product Features

Multi-Functions, Convenient to use
It has multi-functions which is Rice, Porridge, Steam, Cake, Soup, Meat, Bean, Fish and reheat functions. This multi-cooker offers high variety of options for professional cooking according to customers’ tastes. Only press your favourite taste key to enter automatic cooking progress. When finish, warning ring tone sound into keep warm type.

Fast Cooking, Saving Energy
This multi-cooker can help you to saves about 20% of time and more than 25% of power when cooking second courses, and about 40% of time and more than 50% of power when cooking soups and porridges. In addition, it can finish cooking faster than any other electric ovens, even in high plateau area. It has high pressure cooking system to cook food with less energy but faster.

Retain Nutrition
Adopt pure hermetic cooking technology. It keeps nutrition and primary taste cooking. Can provide the health of the next generation.

Advanced structure, Safety devices
Safety lock: the cover cannot be closed if it is not fit well and cannot be opened if it is high pressure inside. Pressure control safety device: multi-cooker will be switched off automatically when it reached pre-setting pressure temperature for stable pressure containing. Pressure regulation: If temperature and pressure reach over run their max level, float valve will release pressure via valve. Anti-blocked safety device: helps to avoid block of outlet of air by food. Pressure-relief safety device: it will prevent explosion when mentioned above safety devices cannot help any more. Overheat safety device: when temperature reaches limitation, the fuse will release. Temperature regulation: in case of wrong operation, i.e. if the inner pot is empty or temperature is not according to program, regulator will connect or disconnect power automatically.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 39 cm

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Electric Pressure Cooker - PC68R


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