Samu Giken Cabinet Strip Lock, Model: SL-CSL3102GW


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Product Features:

ūüéą Adjustable Length:

The strip lock is designed with an adjustable length feature, providing flexibility to fit cabinets of various sizes. This ensures a secure fit and ease of installation.

ūüéą Flexible Material:

Constructed with a flexible and durable material that easily conforms to the shape of cabinet handles or knobs. This feature allows for a snug fit, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the lock.

ūüéą Easy Installation:

The lock is designed for quick and easy installation, requiring no special tools. Its user-friendly design ensures that parents and caregivers can childproof cabinets effortlessly.

ūüéą Versatile Application:

Suitable for a variety of cabinets, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and furniture with handles or knobs. The versatile design makes it a practical solution for different household needs.

ūüéą Secure Adhesive Attachment:

Utilizes a strong and secure adhesive for attachment, ensuring a reliable bond without damaging the cabinet surface. The adhesive provides a strong hold, preventing easy removal by curious children.

ūüéą Quick Release Mechanism:

Features a quick release mechanism for adults, allowing easy access to cabinet contents when needed. The lock ensures child safety while maintaining convenient access for adults.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 27 × 2 cm


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Samu Giken Cabinet Strip Lock, Model: SL-CSL3102GW