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Samu Giken Portable Milk Warmer is a smart warmer device that allows you to heat up your baby’s milk precisely, safely & effortlessly.

– Input Voltage: 5V
– Rated Power: 24w
– Battery: 5000mAh
– Temperature: 37C, 40C, 45C Celcius
– Storage Capacity: 150g
– Output Capacity: 1 scoop (8-10g)
– Material: Stainless Steel Inner Parts & ABS Body
– Weight: 400g
– Dimension: 9.5cm x 7cm
– Warranty: 1 year

– Compact, Portable & Wireless
Weight: 400g, Dimension: 9.5cm x 8cm. After a full charge, you can leave the cord at home and use the warmer whenever you want for up to 5-8hours!

– Optimal Heat Tech
It gives you a more stable heat transfer and avoids overheating that could make your breast milk go to waste.

– Safe & Precise
3 temperature settings (37C, 40C, & 45C Celcius) allow you to choose the optimal temperature for your breastmilk, water, and liquid baby’s food.

– Universal / Compatible
It fits most of the wide-neck bottles. If it’s not compatible with your model of the bottle there are adapters to make the perfect fit. Talk to us if you have any doubts!

– Intelligent Keep Warm Function
Automatically keep warm when reaching the desired temperature. Less reheating with temperature control up to 6 hours

How to Clean Samu Giken Portable Milk Warmer:
1. Unplug the bottle and wait for it to cool.
2. Remove the 0-ring and ensure the charging point is closed.
3. Gently clean the stainless steel surface using a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap. Rinse with water.
4. Wipe all surfaces with cloth and allow to air-dry.
5. Do not submerge the unit in water.
6. Always replace o-ring.

Can fit with 80% of the WIDE NECK baby bottle brands:
1.) Philip Avent
2.) Pigeon
3.) Richell
5.) Combi
6.) HiTo
7.) UPIS
8.) SpeCtra
9.) DoubleHeart
10.) Snow Bear
11.) Nip
12.) Chicco
13.) Bebe Comfort
14.) Lansinoh
15.) Yo Yo Monkey
16.) Piyopiyo
18.) Us Baby
19.) Tutu
21.) KukuDuckBill
22.) BoboDuck
23.) Simba Wide Neck

Need an extra adapter for Ultra Wide-Neck/ Narrow Neck, brands as :
– Small Neck Adaptor: Pigeon /Dr. Brown / Medela / NUK / Simba Standard Neck / etc Small Neck
– Wide Neck Adapter: Tommee-Tippee
– Wide Neck Adapter: MAM/Pigeon/DoubleHeart/Lansinoh/Combi/CHU CHU/TuTu/Hito
– Wide Neck Adapter: Hegen
– Wide Neck Adapter: Dr Brown
– Wide Neck Adapter: Nuk
– Ultra Wide Neck Adapter: Nuk

Warranty for 1 years – cover manufacturing defect.
Warranty for 2 week – cover wear and tear parts
*anything happen within 2 weeks, seller will bear the cost of 2 ways courier. After 2 weeks for warranty process, buyer need to pay the courier for shipping back the item for warranty and seller will bear the shipping cost for returning product*


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Portable Milk Bottle Warmer - BWS101PWT