Bubur cha-cha is medley with various of sweet potatoes that cooked with a  sweet coconut milk base. This is a very colorful and classic malaysia dessert that most of us have tried before. Its best to consume for your tea time dessert.

Ingredient A (all cut cube)
1 nos purple sweet potato
1 nos garnet sweet potato
1 nos hannah sweet potato
1 small nos white yam

150g tapioca flour
150ml pandan juice
300ml coconut milk
170g fine sugar
700ml water
1tsp salt
3pcs pandan leaf
1/2 cup Sago pearl

  1. Apply the stirrer accessories into the P10+ Smart Cooker Jug, then add 200ml water and cover up the cover lid, select cook mode, temperature at 100C, speed 2 for 20 minutes.
  2. Once the water is boiled, insert the sago pearl thru the cover lid hole, and let it continue to cook until the motor beeps.
  3. When its done, sieve the sago pearl and remove the water. Insert the sieve sago pearl into a bowl of ice water, and keep it aside.
  4. Then insert the ingredient A into the basket, and place the basket into the P10+ Smart Cooker Jug, make sure the water in the P10+ Smart Cooker Jug doesn’t cover the ingredient A.
  5. Select steam mode, temperature at 100C, speed 2 for 20 mins until the ingredient A is soft enough.
  6. While waiting for it, prepare the tapioca flour into a big bowl, pour the pandan juice into the Multicooker and heat it up until its boiled,  and pour it into the big bowl and mix well with the tapioca flour using a spatula.
  7. Then let it cool down for 10 minutes and you can use hand to knead it into a dough.
  8. Pour some flour on chopping board and roll the dough into a long log,  cut it into small dices. Dust some tapioca flour to avoid them from sticky together.
  9. Add water into the multicooker and heat it up, once its boiled then insert the pandan ball in the multicooker and wait until it floats on the water.
  10. Then sieve the pandan ball and remove the water, insert the pandan ball in a bowl of cold water, then set aside.
  11. If the ingredient A is done steaming, remove it and set aside. Remove the steaming water, then insert coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves and water into the P10+ Smart Cooker Jug, select cook mode, temperature at 100C, speed 2 and cook for 5 minutes.
  12. Once its done then insert the sago pearl and the pandan ball into the P10+ Smart Cooker Jug, then the bubur cha-cha is ready to serve now!


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