Kaya is a rich and sweet coconut egg jam flavoured with pandan, which also gives it a fun green colour. Ever thought that you can make it by your own, more suagr or less sugar is up to your taste now. Let’s try something new on your morning toast!

280ml coconut milk
1, 1/2tbs pandan Juice
250g fine sugar
5nos eggs 

30g fine sugar
1tbs hot water

  1. Pour the coconut milk ,pandan juice and sugar into the smart blender jug, then select grinding mode, no temperature for 20 sec.
  2. Once its done, insert egg and select grinding mode, no temperature for 20 sec.
  3. Next, Pour it out and sieve the mixture into a big bowl.
  4. Transfer the mixture back to the smart blender jug and select the corn juice, this process will take 21 minutes.
  5. It will auto heat to 100C then boil and blend.
  6. Once its done, prepare Multifunctional Cooker, insert sugar and water, then heat up with low heat, when it start to melt then insert 1tbs water, slowly stir it until become caramel.
  7. Pour  the pandan kaya that cook earlier with smart blender jug, then use spatula to mix well.
  8. Lastly the kaya is ready to serve.


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