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Samu Giken Safety Lock ” Guarding Little Adventures, Securing Every Moment”

Samu Giken offers a comprehensive range of safety locks designed to meet all your daily living needs. Beyond functionality, our locks feature attractive, trendy designs and incorporate innovative functions.

In addressing the diverse safety requirements of your home, our product line covers windows, doors, cabinets, and drawers. Each safety lock is carefully designed to provide all-around protection for your living space.

A standout feature of our locks is their stylish design, ensuring not only functionality but also an aesthetic appeal that aligns with current trends. We prioritize the visual harmony of our products, seamlessly integrating them into your home decor to add a touch of modern sophistication.

Moreover, our safety locks go beyond traditional features, incorporating innovative elements. These may include user-friendly operation, advanced protective technologies, and even smart functionalities. We strive for continuous innovation to offer smarter, more convenient, and secure home solutions.

By choosing Samu Giken, you not only secure your living spaces comprehensively but also enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought by our stylish designs and innovative features. Let our safety locks be an indispensable, intelligent companion in your life, creating a home environment that is both secure and comfortable.

Product Features:

🔥 Introducing our Cabinet Lock with a playful “ICON Lock Button” for kids’ enjoyment. Note that the icon is purely decorative and doesn’t affect the lock’s functionality. Ensure security with a touch of fun for your little ones! 🔥


✔ Prevent access to hazardous items in drawers, ensuring child safety.

✔ Deter children from hiding inside cabinets to avoid accidents.

✔ Avoid mess and injuries by securing drawers, cabinets, or cupboards.

✔ Versatile use for refrigerators, drawers, cupboards, cabinets, toilets, or washing machines.

🎈Special Design

✔ Adult Design- Unlock with 2 fingers

✔ Press and Lock- simple positioning require only

✔ 3M Adhesive Tape- viscous tape with no residue

✔ Simple Colour- design to avoid baby attentions

🎈How to use?

1. Pinch both button to unlock.

2. Turn to Lock the drawer.

🎈Easy Installation

Step 1. MUST clean the surface and let dry before paste.

Step 2. Mark the location of the taping area & cut the strap if require.

Step 3. Peel off the 3M stickers cover and install it to the marked location.

★Best performance after 24 hours, gently use if require.

★DO NOT install too tight or it will not auto release when unlock.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 cm


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Samu Giken Cabinet Lock, Model: SL-CL3704GW